Construction site preparation

Are you planning on building a new home on a site that already has a structure in place? Well you’ll need to demolish the current structure on the site to make way for the new one, followed by preparing the construction site for building your new structure on. Here’s a few tips on areas you will need to look at, relating to your demolition.

Debris Removal

When building a new house or structure, you need to ensure that your intended development site is clear of all remnants of the previous structure and debris. This can include things like pools, rubbish, trees, shrubs and any other leftover articles that might hinder the development process. Even if there isn’t a structure on the development site, removing tree growths and shrubbery can be a cumbersome task and can require a significant amount of planning.

Our site preparation experts will assess and consider what’s needed to make sure we can prepare your site for your new development.

Site Utility Lines

When demolishing a house, care needs to be taken to ensure the current utility lines are safely worked around. Damaging the current utility lines can become a very costly repair. Out site prep experts will map out the current utility lines to ensure the structure can be safely demolished and all utility lines are safely taken care of.

Planning for the protection of your current utility lines is a very important aspect to consider before you start your new development.

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