Industrial Demolition

What kind of projects do we tackle?

Advance Demolition provides a full range of industrial demolition services for the removal of commercial structures and facilities. We take on virtually any commercial project, anything from old offices which are becoming unsafe to work from, to old factories that are starting to show their age. If you need it demolished, we can get it done!

Our full range of industrial demolition services is extensive. It includes the removal of interior finishes, architectural features and mechanical items as well as structural components. We quite often work in the most challenging of environments where assets are to be protected, schedules are challenging and environmental factors need to be addressed.

Industrial Demolition Melbourne

What makes industrial demolition different?

A demolition is considered as ‘industrial’ based on the structure which is being demolished. Generally, a residential demolition is restricted to a standard house or freestanding unit, whereas an industrial demolition is the demolition of virtually any other building, usually those that are used for commercial purposes such as a foundry or refinery.

A focus on Safety

Advance Demolition has the experience to mitigate liabilities whether they are environmental, or safety related. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of service while ensuring we follow all industry safety procedures to allow our client to rapidly return their real estate back into productive use. We follow every safety procedure completely and we make use of every possible measure to ensure that the working environment for our staff, as well as anybody in the surrounding area, is safe and has the least amount of risk possible.

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